Terms & Conditions


Karma Group’s professional and highly trained staff are responsible for ensuring that Karma Club Members understand and follow the Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”) for membership. The goal is to ensure that all Members are able to take advantage of the unique services, benefits and experiences that Karma Club provides. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these Terms & Conditions in order to get the most out of your membership of Karma Club.

The name of the Club shall be “The Karma Club” (“Club”) and the Club cards are primarily sold at the premises of Karma Salford Hall situated at Karma Salford Hall, Abbot's Salford, Warwickshire, WR11 8UT, U.K. and Karma Rottnest situated at Rottnest Island, Kitson Street, Rottnest Island, WA 6161, Australia (“Club Premises”), but may also be sold at various other locations.
St. Martin's Management ("Isles of Scilly") Limited (company number 8512961) is a private limited company owned by its shareholders and Rottnest Lodge 1989 Pty Ltd (ACN. 009 333 859) a private limited company owned by its shareholders, both forming part of the Karma Group of Companies (“Karma Group”) and/or any other Karma Group affiliated company. The Karma Group operates its properties worldwide as referred to in Article 8.1 below.

3.1. All Members and guests shall comply with the T&Cs of the Club and all other regulations promulgated and amended from time to time which shall constitute a contract between the Owner and its Members.

3.2. The rights and privileges of a Member shall be person to himself/herself. Except if permitted by the T&Cs, each Member shall not, by his/her own act or by operation of law:

  • Transfer, assign, let, or otherwise dispose of any of his/her rights and privileges in the Club; or
  • Charge or mortgage the rights and privileges of his/her membership, or solicit or accept any money or money’s worth or other valuable consideration of any description whereby the rights of his/her membership may be transferred, assigned let or otherwise disposed of or affected.

3.3. The rights and privileges of a Member shall be ceased after one year, when the membership automatically expires.

3.4. A Member shall not by reason of his/her membership have any proprietary rights, interest, benefit, title, or claim whatsoever to or against or in respect of the Owner, the Club, and/or any other person or their respective monies, properties, assets, and undertakings whatsoever whether during the existence of the Club or upon or after its dissolution.

3.5. All Members shall be liable for all their own acts, omissions, neglects, and defaults (directly or indirectly).

3.6. Members shall not be entitled to use any of the facilities of the Club or have any rights or privileges of membership or the right to receive membership cards until they have complied with all the conditions set out in Clause 5.

3.7. A copy of these T&Cs can be found on the club website: www.karmaclub.com. The Owner reserves the right to make changes to the T&Cs from time to time in accordance with the intention of the Club, but shall always notify the members of any substantial changes.

4.1. The owner of a membership club card will be referred to as “Member”.

4.2. All Single Members or Family Members shall be over 18 years of age.

4.3 There are two different types of Memberships:
  • Single Memberships: for one person only + their partner.
  • Family Memberships: a membership for one couple + up to maximum two children included.
5.1. A persons can join the Club as a Member by submitting the following documents :
  • A completed and signed copy of the Membership application form (online).
  • The payment of the fee in the applicable local currency (“Membership Fee”) by Credit Card (bank) transfer to the Owner.

5.2. Upon receipt by the Owner of the payment and the complete application form, the person will become a Member of the Club and is bound by these club T&Cs and will receive their membership card (either in person or digitally).

5.3. The membership starts (“Start Date”) upon receipt by the owner of the payment of the Membership Fee and shall be valid for the duration of one year maximum (“The Term”).

6.1. The membership fee is non-refundable.

6.2. Apart from the Membership fee, each Member has to be responsible for payment of all consumption of food and beverages, spa services, special events or any other chargeable services or fees, by themselves, or their guests.

7.1. The Member will be issued with a membership card that the Member will receive after payment of the Membership Fee.

7.2. The membership card remains the property of the Owner and shall not be circulated to non-members, transferred or assigned. Upon becoming a Member, each Member shall undertake that he will not use his/her membership card for solicitation of money, guarantee, or mortgage.

8.1. The Members of the Club shall benefit from 7 one night stays (5 week days and 2 weekend days) (“Accomodation nights”) at selected Karma Group Properties world wide, these may be used individually or combined. The current Karma Group Properties included in this Membership can be found on our website: https://karmaclub.com/destinations. Black out dates (non bookable dates) do apply: for the Karma Rottnest Resort the black out dates are from December 16 until the 31st of January. For all other selected Karma Group Properties the black out dates are from the 22nd of December until the 6th of January.

Kindly note that Karma Rottnest Resort in Australia is available for bookings until the 31st of May 2022 only. *

* Any Australian Club Member with Accomodation Nights left after the 31st of May 2022 is entitled to use these remaining nights in any future Australian Resort, or the nights will be valid for one year maximum.

8.2. The Members of the Club will additionally benefit from:
a. 15% off Food and Beverages during their visits at any Karma Group Property.
b. 15% off any Karma Spa treatments during their visits at any Karma Group Property.
c. 20% off Best Available Rates for the above mentioned selected Karma Group Properties.
d. Early Check-In / Out (subject to availability).
e. Pets may stay free of charge (for those resorts where pets are allowed).
f. Complimentary member gifts on check-In.
g. Exclusive use of Karma Concierge.
h. Access to Karma Group Chairman’s wine selection.
i. Personal invite to local VIP member only events: Sports, Music, Lifestyle etc.
j. Discounts of Karma branded products.
k. Daily access to your “Home Resort”: choose where you would like it to be.
l. Enrollment into Karma Community: regular members only communication platform with further offers and savings.

8.3. Exclusions
a. The benefits under this membership cannot be exchanged against any other entitlements, or points held by the member in any other (Karma affiliated) Club.
b. The benefits under this membership cannot be accrued and/or used outside the Term of this membership. This means if the member cannot use their benefits and/or 7 nights accommodation during their membership Term (for whatever reason), the entitlements/ benefits under this membership will be lost.

9.1. If a Member is unable to use the Accomodation Nights already booked due to a Government mandated Lockdown (due to Covid-19), the Member is entitled to rebook the Accomodation at another time and/or at another Karma Group Property depending on availability and within the Term of the membership.

9.2. Notice period for cancellation of a booking: If a Member cancels the already booked Accommodation Nights for any other reason than the reason mentioned under 9.1 and with a notice period of more than 2 weeks before the booking date, no additional fees apply. If the cancellation is received within two weeks before the booking, the Karma Group will use its best endeavours to accommodate the Member and reschedule the booking and the Karma Club Concierge may assist in this as well. However, the Owner/ Karma Group cannot guarantee availability and administration fees might apply.

10.1. If Karma Group is unable to provide the accommodation after the Accomodation Nights are already confirmed to the Member due to Force Majeure, the Member is entitled to rebook the Accomodation at another time or another Karma Group Property depending on availability and within the Term of the membership.

10.2. Force Majeure in this sense means: any event beyond the reasonable control of the Owner/ Karma Group, including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any incident of war, civil commotion, governmental or administrative action, governmental acquisition, strike, lockout, flood, drought, famine, natural disaster, Pandemic, Government mandated Lockdown, or act of God and results in the whole or any part of the Karma Group Properties being made inaccessible and/ or non-operational.

A Member Card is not transferable and only applies to the person named on the Card.

12.1. The Membership fee shall not be refunded upon resignation and/or termination.

12.2. The membership will automatically terminate after one year from the Start Date.

12.3. Any Member who shall for any reason whatsoever ceases to be a Member of the Club shall nevertheless remain liable for and shall pay the Owner, all outstanding balances arising from expenses, treatments, and/or any other consumptions, which at the time of his/her ceasing to be a Member is owing from him/her to the Owner.

12.4. After cessation of membership, the Member upon such termination surrenders all rights to or claims on the Club, if any, and these possible rights of claims shall be deemed to be forfeited or waived.

13.1. The Club, the Owner, their management, staff, agents, or representative shall not be liable or responsible whatsoever for any inconveniences, damages, financial loss, death, injury to person or property of any Member or guests or any persons howsoever causes whether arising from a breach of contract or in tort or otherwise, whether in relation to the use of the facilities or participation in any activities of the Club and or on any of the Karma Group Properties or otherwise.

13.2. All Members, guests, and any other persons shall enter the Karma Group properties or use the facilities or equipment of the Karma Group at their own risks and such Member shall indemnify the Club, the Owner, their management, staff, agents, or representative on a full indemnity basis against all claims, actions, demands, proceedings, impositions, financial losses, damages, expenses, disbursements, liability and suffered or incurred.

No condoning, excusing or overlooking by the Owner of any default breach or non-observance or non-compliance by the Member shall operate as a waiver of the Owner’s rights hereunder.
Any question as to the interpretation of these T&Cs or any other matter connected with the Club shall be determined by the Owner whose decision shall be final and binding on all parties concerned

16.1. Every member shall be bound by these T&Cs.

16.2. The Owner shall notify every newly elected member of the existence of these T&Cs then in force; and copies of the rules in force or the time being shall be available at all times on the website.

A member shall not:
a) Use the Club for the purposes of any trade or in a manner prejudicial to the Owner’s interest; or
b) Conduct themselves in a manner likely to cause discomfort, inconvenience or annoyance to other members, or behave in such a manner as to bring the Club into disrepute.
Every member shall promptly inform the Owner of any change of home or e-mail address, directly in writing by email.
These Rules shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the country in which the Membership is sold and thus may vary.